In the course of one day, you will learn how to build and lead organizations that will change the world. You will gain knowledge essential to managing both people and projects effectively - but most of all, you will meet 300 young, passionate leaders from the whole Poland!

Inspiring guests, engaging speeches and exciting debates, and yet there is more! During the conference you will take part in workshops based on the unique Leadership 3D methodology. The class led by professor Wójcik will allow you to confront the real challenges that contemporary leaders have to face.

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Conference program

For the third time we will meet in an excellent group of leaders, visionaries and executives. In the group of people who take the world into their own hands and change it for the better.




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9:30 - 12:00 / Cezary Wójcik

Leadership - managing people in organizations

The main objective of the workshop is not just to pass on the theoretical academic knowledge, but to transform and broaden the perspectives of the participants. The workshop uses the methodology of the Harvard case that allows the analysis of the problems in leadership in the context of real challenges. Participants become active subjects and objects of the workshop, during which they can critically evaluate the key principles and philosophy of leadership. Materials used during the training are licensed by Harvard Business School.

reveal bio

Professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw School of Economics, Founding Director of the Center for Leadership, Director of the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, visiting scholar at schools such as Harvard, Berkeley, Melbourne or Glasgow. Combines academic experience in macroeconomics and leadership.Worked and studied at Harvard University where he, inter alia, graduated Master Class for Leadership Educators. He also completed other executive management and leadership programs at IESE, HEC Paris and Harvard. In 2011 he received a Letter of Achievement in recognition of his dedication to leadership development from Harvard Kennedy School Government (HKS), where he was also a teaching team member in the HKS’s flagship leadership program for top-tire managers from public and private sector. Find out more...


12:00 - 13:00 / Lunch break


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13:00 - 14:00 / MAŁGORZATA STEINER

Introduction to adaptive leadership

Adaptive leadership is about helping organizations or communities to tackle stubborn challenges that keep them from thriving or even threaten their existence. For individuals and organizations, “to adapt” means to change to some extent who they are - this is why adaptive change doesn’t come easy. We will talk particularly about the times when we are faced with challenges that require adaptation and how young people can help organizations and communities go through the process of adaptive change - and what pitfalls should be avoided.

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An experienced manager and advisor with a focus on digital policy and digital innovation. She created and led the Department of Analysis and Public Communication at the Ministry of Administration and Digitization in Poland that worked on strategic issues in areas of internet governance, data protection, e-government, e-society. Prior to that as a senior analyst in the Chancellery of Prime Minister in Poland, she advised key decision makers on public sector reform, innovation and competitiveness. At the Harvard Kennedy School of Government she led teaching team of a flagship course in leadership for experienced managers. A graduate of Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Law School in Germany (ranked 2nd in a class of 850), she has an academic background needed to work on cutting-edge issues as well as practical experience in analysis, management and change implementation.

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14:00 - 15:00 / ELA MADEJ & SETH BANNON

The psychological price of leading a startup - how much is too much?

Running a startup is a big challenge.There are people you need to manage, investors whose requirements you need to meet, unexpected twists, ups and downs, the adrenaline and the stress - and the enormous amount of work. When deciding you want to carry out your own project, you have to be aware of what you will be facing. As a leader, you are responsible not only for yoursel, but also for the people you work with. During the presentation, you will learn how to deal with the mental burden that comes with leading your own company.

reveal bio

Serial entrepreneur recently turned investor. Co-founded Applicake, Base CRM, European Rails Conference Railsberry, Mobile Mobile Conf, and Polish startup community Hive. Y Combinator alum. Living in New York City, where she's operationally involved in another YC startup - Amicus. Just joined prominent Polish early stage VC Innovation Nest as a partner. Dancer, skier and snowboarder. On a mission to make her beloved hometown Kraków shine.

Seth is the founder & CEO of Amicus, a social good startup that helps nonprofits turn their supporters into fundraisers and advocates. Having graduated from Y Combinator, Amicus has raised nearly $4M from some the the world's most prestigious investors. In 2013, Seth was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Social Entrepreneurship, and was named to the list again in 2014. Since the age of twelve, Seth has been volunteering for, founding, and working for advocacy organizations, including the Obama campaign in 2008. An avid chess player, Seth can often be found in Union Square Park in New York City attempting to hustle the chess hustlers.


15:00 - 15:30 / Coffee break


Drozdz 8fd23e53b6d0d5fbff7818479ab2b7b328f22e5376815ccf0161044d917734af

15:30 - 16:15 / Witold Drożdż

Leadership in business and administration - similarities and differences

What is different and what is similar about leadership styles in business and administration? What is there that the CEO of a public organization can learn from a managing person whose expertise is in business - and the other way round? Do business and government - thanks to active and effective leaders - stand a chance in working out a common, consistent system that both the state and the citizens would benefit from? Witold Drożdż will give us answers to those and many other questions. Throughout years of his professional activity, he got to know the values, possibilities and challenges that the people standing in charge in both sectors have to face and operate with.

reveal bio

Witold Drożdż, born in Łódź. Graduated in Law and International Relations at the University of Warsaw. In 2007-2010, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, responsible for the development of the information society and public registries, the chairman of the Government Committee "Digital Poland", team member of the Government Center for Energy Security and the Interministerial Team for Digital Broadcasting; Awarded with Info-Star (2009), INFOSTAT (2009) and Ambassador of the Electronic Economy (2008). From 2010 to 2012, Vice President, and then acting President of the Management Board of PGE Energia Jądrowa SA. Currently holding the position of Executive Director in charge of Corporate Affairs at Orange Polska. Member of the Orange Foundation Council and the Governing Council at Świat Idei Foundation.

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16:15 - 17:00 / Eli Winkelman

How to build organizations that change the world

How to build and lead organizations that make a grand difference in the world? Trying to answer this and many other questions, Eli will tell the story of Challah for Hunger - an organization founded ten years ago, that has spread to over 70 locations and now connects hundreds of volunteers and alumni. She will share the lessons she learned - going back to the very beginnings of the organization when she was gathering a team, up to a decade later, when she handed over the reins of leadership.

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While a student at Scripps College in Southern California, Eli Winkelman co-founded the original chapter of Challah for Hunger -- which, ten years later, boasts 70 chapters on three continents. Eli lives in Austin, Texas, where she is the president and Creating Experience Officer at CRAFT, a walk-in crafting studio. While Eli remains on the Board of Directors of Challah for Hunger, she is also pursuing another challah-related, soon-to-be-debuted venture. Eli is a member of the ROI Community and has participated in the Ariane de Rothschild and Joshua Venture Group fellowships.

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17:00 - 17:30 / ALBERTO SOLER SOTO

Leaders are the new poets

In the main discourse about cultural leadership, we usually talk exclusively about leaders in cultural industry, organizations, creative start-ups, NGOs, arts companies, etc. and we rarely try to figure out the connection between leadership and culture by analyzing it in both directions: one, how leaders in every field are shaped by cultural influences; and two, what is different about leadership in the cultural sector and what such leaders can teach their peers working in other fields.

reveal bio

He has a remarkable experience in programs for social inclusion and community development through cultural practices, especially in the fields of Youth and Culture. He works currently as Youth Technician for the City Council of Cartagena (Spain) and he is the co-founder and coordinator of the successful "Mandarache Project" (a readership promotion program shaped as a literary contest in which more than 4.000 young readers choose the winning author), which received the National Prize of Reading Promotion in Spain. He was invited in 2014 by the U.S. Department of State’s to participate in the prestigious International Visitors Leadership Program, focused on Advancing Youth Engagment And Leadership. Naturally bent to creativity, he has just published his first book of poems: Los tigres devoran poetas por amor ("Tigers devour poets because of love").


18:00 - ... / after party


The conference will be held on the 25th of April 2015 at the Congress Centre ICE Krakow. Participation in the conference requires registering beforehand.The number of participants is limited to 300.

Centrum Kongresowe
11, 12, 18, 22, 52, 62

101, 112, 124, 144, 162, 164, 169, 173, 179, 184, 194, 412, 424, 503

Direct way from railway station:
18, 52
184, 194, 412
Ice Kraków
(International Conferences and Entertainment)

ul. Marii Konopnickiej 17, Kraków 30-302
Parking - Ice Kraków
Entry from Monte Cassino Street


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